Terms and conditions




Queen’s Nannies, registered company in United Kingdom.


Means any person, nanny, manny, special needs nanny, governess, tutor, personal assistant, house manager introduced by the Agency to the Client for work.


Means any person, family member, parent, company, firm, third party of whom candidates is introduced.


Both Client and Candidate must complete online registration form to be accepted by the Agency. If online registration is not possible, they need to print out our terms and conditions, sign them and return them to the Agency by post or email. They can also email signed copy directly to queensnannies@pheprint.com. Registration must be completed in full for client or candidate to be successfully accepted and added on our books. Registering is Client and Candidate accepting our terms and conditions.


In order to interview candidate by client, client must be fully registered. The client must provide at least two documents to the agency as a proof of identity and address. As a proof of identity client needs to provide a photocopy of the passport and as a proof of the address a copy of any recent household bill, (gas bill, council tax). Without the proof of the address and identity client cannot interview candidates on our books. In case of overseas client, 70 GPB registration fee must be paid in order to start the interviewing process. Interview can take place in person, via Skype or over the phone at the most convenient time agreed by both, the client and the candidate. The client agrees to inform the agency of any interview taking place by contacting the agency. The client agrees to reimburse travel expenses of those candidates traveling from the outside of London or from the outside the country where the job will take place. In order to get reimbursement from the client, candidate must provide relevant travel related receipts only. All this should be agreed during the interview.


The agency fees are clearly visible on our website. All our fees are in British Pounds. Our fees are non-refundable. There is no registration fee for the UK based clients. Overseas clients must pay 70 GBP registration fee in order to be registered with the agency. Payments for our fees can be done via internet banking, in cash or by check.


In case the Candidate is solicited to work for the Client by bypassing the Agency fees – in such event where the Client doesn’t hire the Candidate after the initial introduction by the Agency but approaches the Candidate directly offering the employment, then the Client shall be liable to pay the full Agency fee plus 20% penalty surcharge.


  • Candidate understands that the Agency is referral and matching service only, providing its Clients with information about potential Candidates in exchange for a placement fee.
  • The candidate agrees to provide personal information and contact details to the Agency that are true and accurate. The candidate will also provide full employment history and previous employment references on Agency’s request.
  • The candidate agrees not to provide personal information such as: full name, phone number, email address, postal address or any other form of contact to the client so they cannot contact them directly.
  • Personal information will be only released by Queen’s Nannies employee and under no circumstances will Agency release personal or contact details to third parties or Clients without Candidate approval.
  • There is no fee for the Candidates to join the Agency.
  • The candidate can withdraw from the Agency at any time by contacting the Agency.
  • There is no contract between the Agency and the Candidate, therefore the is no employer and employee relationship between them.
  • The Candidate must contact the Agency immediately in case he/she is offered the employment by the Client directly or indirectly.
  • The Candidate must confirm and discuss the wages (trial, temporary, permanent work) and all working conditions directly with the Client during the interview. The Agency is not responsible for negotiating wages and terms of employment, termination of employment and any loss of wages.
  • The Agency cannot guarantee that Candidate will be interviewed by the Client, hired by the Client.
  • The Candidate is under no obligation to work for the Client in case he/she will change their mind. The Candidate can ask the Agency to be placed in another placement by applying for a new job position.
  • The Candidate will exclude the Queen’s Nannies agency and agency employees from all claims, injuries, suits, actions, liabilities.
  • The Agency has the right to terminate the agreement with the Candidate at any time, for any reason, including unprofessional conduct, misrepresentation of our agency image and company name, drug and alcohol abuse, lateness, previous or current criminal convictions, providing false details during registration process.
  • The Candidate acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.


  • The Client agrees to notify the Agency, either verbally or in writing, as soon as an offer of employment has been made and accepted by the Candidate and to supply the Agency with details of the date of commencement, length of the engagement and agreed net weekly wages and to pay the relevant Agency fee in accordance with our terms and conditions as a result of such engagement.
  • The Client will be held responsible for bypassing the Agency in cases where the Client failed to inform the agency about the start of employment within 7 days from the day of offer of employment being made. The Client will be responsible for paying full agency fee including 25% penalty surcharge as well as legal fees incurred with this.
  • The Client undertakes to become the sole employer of the Candidate and is responsible and accountable for Candidate’s Tax and National Insurance contributions to be made from the Candidate’s salary. All requirements and responsibilities are based on the employment law in the country of employment.
  • The Client is responsible for putting in place a suitable contract of employment between the Client and the Candidate and for paying the agreed salary net of income tax and National Insurance liabilities directly to the Candidate. The salary should be paid either in cash, cheque or to her/his bank account. A copy of signed contract must be emailed to the Agency within 10 working days from date of commencement.
  • The Client (or a legal representative) needs to provide a copy of their passport as proof of identification and proof of address such as their household bill to confirm their personal address. This needs to be sent and confirmed before the Agency agrees any interviews with the Candidates and/or before the Candidate’s start of employment.
  • The Client is solely responsible for the suitability of the Candidate. It is purely her/his decision to interview or to employ the Candidate.
  • The Agency cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in the Candidate’s portfolio as those are provided directly by the Candidate. The Client agrees to satisfy himself as to the suitability of the Candidate by interviewing, taking up any references, copies of documents provided by the Candidate to the Agency and to make appropriate checks of childcare qualifications or driving certifications before commencing the employment or the interview. The Client needs to request those in writing and the Agency will release them after obtaining the Candidate’s permission to do so.


  • The Agency conducts its business purely as a matching service between registered Clients and registered Candidates.
  • The Agency endeavours to establish the suitability of the Candidate for introduction to the Client by checking up a minimum of two references from each Candidate. However, all responsibility of suitability of the Candidate remains with the Client.
  • The Agency holds no responsibility for the Client’s and Candidate’s employment contract. The Agency offers the Contract of Employment only as a sample for the Client and Candidate to use and amend.
  • The Agency is not responsible for any damage, loss, delay problems, death, injuries or accidents incurred or suffered by the Client, Client’s family, Client’s employees.
  • The Agency does not provide any warranty for the Candidate’s personality, suitability, honesty and reliability.
  • The Agency is not an Employer to the Candidate. Candidates are introduced to the Client and they are directly employed by the Client.


If the Client withdraws the offer of employment or cancels the employment prior the Candidate’s start date, 20% of placement fee will be payable by the Client to the Agency. Should the Client cancel the booking during the Candidate’s employment, then the paid Agency fee remains non-refundable.


Should the Candidate leave the employment within 8 weeks from commencing such employment, the Agency will offer replacement Candidates free of charge. The Client is eligible to one free replacement only. The Agency shell provide the Candidate with 5 Candidate profiles for free replacement. These profiles will be provided by the Agency within 2 months of notification.

The Agency will provide replacement in the following circumstances:

  • The Client paid the full registration fee prior to the interview commencement
  • The Client paid full placement fee within seven days of the invoice day
  • The Client contacted the Agency within seven days of the termination of the employment
  • The reason for termination of the contract is a serious misconduct, constant illness etc.
  • The Client has not changed the conditions of the employment such as working hours, location as originally agreed
  • The Client was verbally, physically aggressive towards the Candidate
  • The contract was agreed without any discount
  • Should the Candidate leave after eight weeks of employment (including trial period), the Agency will guarantee 35% discount for finding a new Candidate

The Agency reserves the right to change or add to the above Terms and Conditions of business without prior notification. All changes will be posted on the website, visible to all users. It is Clint’s and Candidate’s responsibility to check and read these Terms and Conditions in case of any charges.

Continuing using our website and our services after the update is your acceptance of the changes.


Any material found within website, these Terms and Conditions of business or images cannot be copied, republished, downloaded or broadcasted in any way. Permission for such use must be obtained by contacting Queen’s Nannies.


These Terms and Conditions of business are covered by English law and any disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the English court.